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Providing Compassionate, Trial-Tested Representation To Sex Abuse Victims

Sexual assault is among the worst harms one person can inflict upon another. Whether the abuse was a single event or a recurring act, the psychological and physical damage can last a lifetime. Survivors often seek therapy to overcome the traumatic experience, suffer lost wages, incur medical bills, and have ongoing pain and suffering.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault or abuse, you have the right to seek accountability and compensation in civil court in addition to participating in the criminal prosecution of your abuser. Getting help from the right type of lawyer who understands the complexities of these cases is crucial. You can find the help you need at Theriault Booth Attorneys at Law. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are honored to fight for the rights and interests of sex abuse victims throughout Illinois. They bring more than 40 years of combined legal experience to each case and have earned a reputation for providing personalized attention and making the needs of their clients their top priority.

It Was Not Your Fault And You Are Not Making ‘Too Much’ Of What Happened

Survivors of sex abuse are typically very hesitant to come forward. Too often, victims are blamed for the actions of their attackers, or their experiences are dismissed as lies, exaggerations or “no big deal.” The American public’s response to sexual assault allegations is starting to change for the better, but progress has been slow and uneven.

Despite what anyone may try to tell you, please know that the abuse was not your fault, you didn’t deserve it and you are the only one who gets to decide whether it was a “big deal.”

Defining Sexual Abuse Under Illinois Law

In Illinois, there are two criteria that constitute sexual abuse, also known as sexual battery. The first is intentional touching that was sexually motivated. The second criteria is that the touching occurred without consent.

Lack of consent is more than just saying “no” or making it clear through body language that the contact is unwelcome. You may have been unable to give consent because you were asleep, drugged or highly inebriated. If you were under 18 when the abuse occurred, you could not have legally given consent because you were a minor.

Statutes Of Limitations Can Be Confusing

In recent years, Illinois enacted laws removing the criminal statute of limitations on sexual assault and other sex crimes. This is an important and progressive change, as it means that abuse survivors can seek criminal justice for years or decades after the abuse.

Unfortunately, there is still a civil statute of limitations for sex abuse cases, and it is just two years from the time of the abuse. If you were a minor when the abuse occurred, you have just two years from the date you turn 18 to take legal action. Although it can feel overwhelming to do so, it is important to take legal action as soon as reasonably possible to preserve your rights within the civil justice system.

Our Attorneys Will Fight By Your Side Every Step Of The Way

In order to hold your abuser accountable, you will likely need to testify under oath. We understand how scary and traumatic this can be, and we will work tirelessly to help you feel as prepared and supported as possible. Any additional evidence you can help us obtain will strengthen your case. This could include medical records, therapy notes/transcripts, testimony from others you may have told at the time and anything else that corroborates your account of events.

In addition to holding your abuser accountable, we may also be able to pursue claims against organizations or institutions that allowed the abuse to happen. Examples include churches, schools, scouting organizations, businesses and medical facilities, to name just a few.

Tell Us Your Story In A Free And Confidential Consultation

Overcoming the physical and emotional trauma of sexual assault and abuse can be difficult and intimidating. Theriault Booth Attorneys at Law offers supportive and compassionate representation as we help you pursue justice, accountability and compensation.

Even if you are unsure about statutes of limitation or other factors in your case, we invite you to discuss your legal options with one of our lawyers in a free and confidential consultation. To get started, call our St. Charles office at 630-912-5622 or submit an online contact form. We serve clients throughout Illinois.