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3 important steps to take after an Illinois car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Personal Injury

Car crashes are often something people witness without experiencing them directly. The average motorist could go years without ever experiencing a crash. However, the more someone drives, the greater the likelihood that they may eventually experience a major motor vehicle collision.

When a crash occurs, people often panic and have a hard time making the right choices. Mistakes made immediately after a crash occurs can affect someone’s right to compensation and, therefore, their finances for years to come. Taking the three actions below is important for someone’s protection after a wreck.

Move the vehicles, but after documenting the wreck

The law in Illinois requires the prompt response of those involved in a crash. They should move their vehicles to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce the likelihood of a secondary collision occurring because they obstruct traffic. Taking a few moments to capture the scene of the crash using a mobile device can help someone preserve key details that could help them better establish fault for the crash later.

File a police report

Sometimes, the people involved in collisions do not want to officially report the matter to the authorities. The other driver might claim that their license is at risk or that they can’t afford an increased insurance premium. They may attempt to leverage someone’s sense of compassion and use it against them. Without an official police report, those involved in a collision may have a very difficult time pursuing an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the other driver. They are essentially at the mercy of the other party and have to trust that they will follow through with their promises. Filing a police report is crucial to protect someone’s right to compensation and ensure they remain compliant with Illinois state laws.

Know when to see a medical professional

After someone leaves the scene of the crash, they may want to go see a medical professional for evaluation to diagnose potential injuries. People can easily overlook the warning signs of injuries after a crash and might end up in a scenario where their symptoms get worse days later, as might be the case if someone has internal injuries. A medical professional has the tools and knowledge necessary to properly evaluate someone for warning signs of injuries after a crash. They can also create a record of those injuries that can prove invaluable during an insurance claim or lawsuit later.

Those who take the right steps following a major motor vehicle collision may have an easier time seeking justice for the losses generated by that wreck.